Week 6 Copyright & Fair Use

Are copyright laws becoming a thing of the past? I believe that copyright laws are becoming harder to protect, because of the internet. with a copyright, the owner is supposed to have the right to use, copy, and grant others the right to use the work. For example with movies, a person can find movies that have been illegally downloaded on the internet. There are various websites that allow you to download or just watch the movie right off the website. Although there are sites like YouTube that will follow copyright laws and fair use. When a person posts to YouTube he grants the right for anyone to see his video but nobody can take that video and repost it or show it off publically without the consent of the owner.

Basically, a fair use is any copying of copyrighted material used for a limited and “transformative” purpose, For example, criticizing, or making a parody of a copyrighted work. Therefore, TV shows such as Ridiculousness or Tosh.0 can use videos posted to YouTube if they contact the account and find the videographer of the video. People have to follow the copyright laws, but is it getting to hard to follow.

Plagiarizing or Remixing, are they the same? Plagiarizing is taking a persons without changing anything at all. While remixing is switching up the words, and changing the beat or rhythms in a song. Some people claim that it should be plagiarisms although in most cases, the creator of the remix will still get permission from the original producer.


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