Week 9 Blog

This week I was working with memes, which is an item in the form of an image or video that is often spread using the internet and often altered in a humorous way. I often use the app called IFunny, which post funny stuff through-out the day often using memes. My inspiration came from IFunny, to use the Micheal Jordan meme of his sad face. Using an online meme generator I took the sad Jordan face, and made a little quote, “When you find out that your essay was due last week.” I did this because I happen to fall into this situation and turned in an essay a few hours late, cause partial credit to be taken. So i felt like the Jordan meme, figuratively but not literally crying about a few points off an essay.


Week 7 Post

This week I learned much about online collaboration and took away that people have made computers really smart. Sometimes a computer can do something on its own, so people have create the CAPTCHA, which is a small portion of an online sign-up form that allows people to be able to understand the letters or words asking where as another computer will not be able to recognize. So this can weed out any potential online virus or anything else threatening. The video where the man was talking to himself made me realize I once had larger goals like the child in the video and realizing the goals have only gotten smaller, like their easier to achieve. So this video is inspiring me to work harder towards those goals and possibly make those goals my past, with bigger more futuristic goals to have in the future.

Heres a link to my resume. https://docs.google.com/document/d/18JtOcrQhULRRkzVySkWH89uanDWVZvg6y2XyEVUznHc/edit?usp=sharing